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Here's Why "Nourish" Should Be Your Self-Care Word for 2024

You need a different, deeper form of self-care... What is "self-care"? In the wellness world, this word gets thrown around quite a bit. At its core, self-care is the practice of protecting your well-being, peace,...

Your Holistic Guide to Better Sleep

Struggling to get high quality rest? We've been there. We've compiled a list of our top favorite holistic sleep tips to help you get the rest your body needs!

How To Make Elderberry Syrup Easily at Home!

With our kits you pay MUCH less, and you know exactly what is going into your syrup. We use only simple, organic, ingredients. PLUS you get to use your own local honey. Local honey has many wonderful benefits that also help boost immune health. That's not something the big companies can offer you. 

Should you switch to natural deodorant?

The good news is that Noelle’s Naturals deodorant is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, GMOs and all those other scary and harmful substances (that, let’s face it, really only belong in the last round of a state-sponsored Spelling Bee!) Our deodorants stop the stink with natural, clean, and NON-TOXIC ingredients and at the same time will make your immune system smile.

Shungite: The powerful stone that may protect your family from EMF radiation

We’re beyond excited to introduce one of our newest products! SHUNGITE. Say what??

WHAT IS IT? Shungite is a type of stone, similar in look and composition to coal. Like coal, it is a black, lustrous, and non-crystaline mineral, consisting of a large amount of carbon. (Unlike coal, you DO want to find a lump of this in your holiday stocking!)