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We love helping our customers find health + happiness with natural living.

I absolutely love your deodorant and it’s definitely the best natural one that I’ve used thus far (and I’ve basically tried them all).

Kelli Mizesko


Worth every penny for every drop - this product is the best we have used and offered by a wonderful and caring seller. If I could give more stars for both the Pine Needle Extract and the exceptional seller, I would!


Pine Needle

Must have in your arsenal of holistic medicine!

Miguel A Lopez

Loyal Customer

No fuss, no mess, great taste -I love this prepackaged elderberry pack. The inclusion of the cloth tea bag was very thoughtful. Simple preparation. To purchase all the ingredients can be costly. But this has all the beneficial ingredients you want. Thank you for a simple and affordable way to stay healthy.

Loyal Customer

Elderberry Kit

Everyone needs to have this incredible product on hand. From chapped lips to cold cheeks this product is a cure all for many ailments. Love how it is protective and healing with perfect ingredients you can use on the entire family.

Rachel Nye

Tallow Balm

floral illustration