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Organic Tallow Balm - Juicy Florida Orange + Bergamot - 3.5oz

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This balm is fantastic for many skin ailments like dry skin, baby bottoms, problem skin, aging facial skin, scars, sunburn, or even stretch marks. Use it for upset skin or as a daily moisturizer for body, face, and lips!

  • 100% Grassfed Tallow
  • Moisturizing
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Great for dry skin, stretch marks, or problem skin!
  • Moisturizing
  • Healing
  • Orange & Bergamot Essential Oils
  • Non-greasy & absorbs quickly!

Tallow is an old fashioned skin care ingredient. Animal fats used to be as much a part of skin care regimens as they were a part of old fashioned diets. But the move away from animal fats in cooking, in exchange for vegetable oils, also included its exclusion from use in skin products. In fact, up until it's recent surge in popularity, you would have been hard pressed to find any skin care products with animal fats at all.

But now we're bringing this old fashioned skin remedy back to you in a wonderfully fresh, happy, fruity scent!

When looking for non-toxic skin products it is important to know your ingredients. Our skin is literally drinking in every cream, lotion, or balm we put on it. So avoiding toxins and chemicals in skin care products is just as important as avoiding toxins in our foods. 

For our Tallow balms, we only use the fat from cows raised on organic farms, and fed completely grassfed and grass finished diets. 

Shipping Note: This product ships from Florida. The product can soften or melt during shipping. This will not affect the quality of the balm, and it will return to its solid state once it cools.
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