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Soothe Whipped Tallow & Shea Baby Balm

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SOOTHE - All Natural Whipped Tallow Baby Balm - 1oz jar.

With Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula and Oatmeal.

Soothes dry skin, inflammation, eczema, redness and general diaper area irritation.

1.25 oz - perfect for your diaper bag.

100% Natural and Organic Ingredients.
Non-Toxic and Safe for baby.
Cloth Diaper Safe!
No coconut based ingredients.

Excellent for grown-ups too.

The star ingredient in our baby balm, Tallow, is an animal fat that closely resembles our own human lipids. It penetrates, heals, moisturizes and fosters cell regeneration much more effectively than plant based oils. We whip it until fluffy then blend it with shea butter which protects baby's skin from wetness, plantain & calendula heal inflamed skin, & colloidal oatmeal, lavender & chamomile soothe. Use on bottoms after diaper changes. But this balm isn't just for baby bottoms, use it on babies or grown ups. rashes, eczema, dry skin, cuts, scrapes, boo-boos, burns, stretch marks, lips, face, body, you name it!

About our simple ingredients:

Organic Grassfed Bovine Tallow
Organic Raw Shea Butter
Organic Calendula flowers are infused in Organic Olive oil and works to soothe and condition skin.
Organic Plantain leaf is infused in Organic Olive oil and heals broken skin.
Colloidal oatmeal reduces inflammation and redness.
Kaolin clay calms irritated skin.
Vitamin E Oil (non-GMO) reduces inflammation and heals skin.
Chamomile and Lavender Essential oils are calming and aromatic.

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