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Mist - Magnesium Spray Deodorant - 2oz

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Mist [Magnesium + Fresh Spa Scent]

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Baking Soda Free
  • Aluminum Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Convenient 2oz travel bottle for on-the-go!
  • Tea Tree + Peppermint + Lavender + Lemon + Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Mist is a cooling and refreshing lightweight spritz for the stink in your pits! Magnesium is absorbed most rapidly via the skin and has been shown to help promote relaxation. Our spa scent is invigorating and calming with just the right hint of lavender and lemon! Perfect for both men and women!

Have you just switched from conventional aluminum-based deodorants and still feel stinky? Throughout the duration of the detoxification process, your armpits may have stronger than normal body odor for up to 14 days. Most of our customers experience quick and even instant success.

Please note, if you are magnesium-deficient, you may experience a tingling sensation for up to 3-5 days while our deodorant helps normalize your magnesium levels.

We recommend priming your skin with our organic tallow balm to mitigate stinging and irritation during application, and avoid applying directly after shaving.

Shake vigorously. Spritz underarms 2-3 times and allow to try before dressing. Prime skin with our tallow balm to mitigate any irritation.


Our Simple Ingredients
Aloe vera water, magnesium hydrochloride, colloidal silver (5ppm), organic cane alcohol, witch hazel, lactobacillus ferment, organic vegetable glycerin, honeysuckle extract, blend of essential oils: tea tree, peppermint, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus
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