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Lump o' Coal - Real Ugandan Charcoal + Linen Sack

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Throughout November and December ONLY, Get that special someone a little lump of coal this year and help us support our favorite nonrofit, Man Up & Go, whose mission is to raise up men to fight for the fatherless. Choose to donate $5, $10, or $20 and you'll receive a set of charcoal of various sizes and shapes in a small linen sack with a holiday gift tag, ready for stuffing Christmas stockings!

ALL proceeds from purchasing a lump of coal go directly to Man Up & Go!

About the charcoal: This is not just any charcoal. This charcoal came from one of ManUp's ministry outreaches, the Authentic Masculinity Program, in Uganda. Man Up and Go’s AMP program fights against fatherlessness by developing men to be healthily and authentically masculine. Part of the program is business development so that they can provide for their families and communities.

We acquired this charcoal directly from one of our friends who runs a charcoal business in Kibuku, Uganda. The resources in his community are limited so the men make do with what they have! It is a norm for them to use charcoal in a variety of ways. Toothpaste, cooking, medicine and more. The proceeds from your purchase will go toward helping these men launch their businesses and therefore support their families! 

Wondering what you'd do with a real lump of charcoal? Here are 10 awesome ideas!

  1. Nourish your compost heap
  2. Disguise an imperfection on any dark wood furniture
  3. Keep in a bowl or perforated bag to help freshen the air
  4. Place beneath cut stems in a vase of flowers to help the water stay clean and clear.
  5. Use it in your landscaping - spread it in your beds or beneath bushes to keep the soil most and suppress weeds!
  6. Natural chalk for your kiddos - nothing like a classic game of hopscotch!
  7. Give that snowman your kids begged you to help with some eyes this year!
  8. Mix small pieces onto your potted orchid - they love alkaline soil!
  9. Place a few lumps of coal in your toolbox to absorb moisture and prevent metal from oxidizing
  10. Break it up into a powder and use as a detoxifying face mask with your favorite clay - we love bentonite clay!
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