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HEAL - Postpartum Bottom Spray - 2oz

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Heal - All Natural Postpartum Bottom Spray with Witch Hazel - 2oz

A Cooling, Healing, Soothing, perineal spritz for moms during postpartum recovery.

Gently shake and spray on the perineal area after using the bathroom. Use as often as needed for soothing and comfort during the postpartum recovery. Any remaining spray can be used as a refreshing toner for the face, as a cooling aftersun spray for inflamed sunburned skin, or as an aftershave spritz.

Simple Ingredients:

Witch Hazel - (with 14% alcohol - but alcohol does not make up 14% of final product!) - Witch Hazel is excellent for skin, with a long history of being used as a topical antiseptic, it is soothing and conditioning. The small amount of alcohol in the witch hazel prohibits microbial growth within the product without stinging or leaving your skin dry.

Peppermint Hydrosol - A hydrosol or floral water is not the same as an essential oil. Distillates are products from steam distilling plant materials. When essential oils are distilled, water condensation is produced as a byproduct. Hydrosols are like essential oils but in a lower concentration. This allows us to use the beneficial attributes of peppermint (cooling, and uplifting) in a more gentle form to be used in the sensitive intimate areas after birth.

Clary Sage Hydrosol - Clary Sage is well known for its uses for females. It has many benefits for the postpartum mom, the scent is uplifting and mood boosting. Clary sage can help to ease postpartum contractions as the uterus returns to pre-pregnancy size, it can help with cramping, bleeding, and moodiness as well. For this reason this spray would also be well suited as a menstrual refresher spritz when a woman's cycle returns postpartum.

Calendula Extract - Calendula is a wonderful healing herb. This aqueous extract of the flower has amazing anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and healing properties.

Organic Aloe Vera - Soothes and heals broken skin.

Vegetable Glycerin - Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, and prevent dryness.

Lavender Essential Oil - Calming, aromatic, and healing.

Peppermint Essential Oil - Aromatic and cooling.

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