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Raw Shungite Water Stones - 3oz

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  • Shungite is considered to be an effective tool for natural purifying and cleaning of water. Thanks to its unique structure and chemical composition it absorbs up to 95% of water polluting elements.
  • The size of stones varies from approximately 4 mm to 15 mm (0.15-0.59 inches).
  • Shungite water may provide you with great therapeutic effects.
  • Drinking shungite water on a daily basis is believed to reduce oxidative stress on the body and may contribute to general health and well-being.
  • Add 1 bag of stones to 1 gallon of water. Allow to sit overnight. Refill with fresh water as needed. 
  • Remove stones every 2 months to clean and recharge. To restore filtering capacity of shungite’s surface, put your stones in acidic water (mix of water and lemon acid or vinegar) for a couple of hours, then wash under running water and place in full sunshine for 3+ hours turning them once. Solar energy will recharge shungite.
  • Stones may be carried in pockets for EMF protection 
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