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Organic Elderberry Plus+ Syrup Making Kit - 3-pack - Easy to Make at Home - Each kit makes 20oz when you add your own honey - Pack of 3

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ORGANIC Elderberry PLUS+ Syrup Kit - 3-pack

Make your own Elderberry syrup at home - Just add your own local honey!

This mix not only includes the wonderful benefits of elderberries, but also includes the benefits of echinacea, rose hips, astragalus, and Goji Berry!

  • Fragrant, sweet, and your kids will love it!
  • Each kit contains enough dry ingredients to make up to 20oz of syrup
  • Includes recipe instructions and a FREE brew bag!
  • Great Immune Support
  • Highly potent concentrated syrup
  • For vegans, those with honey allergies, and infants ages 6 months - 1 year you can substitute agave syrup, cane syrup or maple syrup instead of honey!
Adults take 1 Tbsp daily for immune maintenance, up to 3 Tbsp as needed. Children ages 1-5 years take 1 tsp daily for immune maintenance, up to 3 tsp as needed.


This product and information is not meant to diagnose or treat any illnesses. Do NOT give honey to babies under 1 year.

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