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Adult Amber Chip Necklace - Cognac

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You knew Amber necklaces were great for teething babies - but did you know they're great for adults, too? 
The secret of Baltic Amber Necklaces is the succinic acid. Succinic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight toxic free radicals, stimulates your neural system recovery, and boosts your immune system. Succinic acid also plays a role in compensating for depleted energy levels, which then helps to boost focus and reduce stress.
Once you have your amber necklace, how do you take advantage of the succinic acid inside of it? You wear it! The secret is your body heat.
When the beads are placed against your skin, your body heat warms up the Baltic amber, causing it to release oils that contain succinic acid. This magical acid is then absorbed through the skin and into your bloodstream.
  • 100% Genuine Baltic Amber
  • Imported from Lithuania
  • 18" length
  • 5-7mm polished amber chips
  • Individually Knotted
  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Also available in infant size!
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